Rush & Barbie Hunt

Kentucky State Directors & Directors at
Healing Rooms of Hopkins County

Rush and Barbie Hunt are IAHR State Directors of Kentucky and Co-Directors of the Healing Rooms of Hopkins County located at Main Street Prayer Center in Madisonville.  They have long been committed to prayer, teaching and calling the church to pray with power and confidence.  They were challenged to begin their current ministry when Rush attended a conference by Cal Pierce in 2009.  Cal said that, “The sick and the lost have no life.  The problem is you do have a life.  Until you give up your life, the sick and lost will not have a life.  But if you do, there is no end to what you will see God do.”Those words spoke to their hearts and from there the Healing Rooms of Hopkins County were formed and are the primary ministry of Main Street Prayer Center.

The Hunts come from an unlikely background for this ministry as Rush is a lawyer practicing in the family law firm of Hunt & Greene with his daughter, Lara.  Rush has a BS in accounting, a JD degree in law and a PhD in political science, while Barbie holds a BFA in painting, an MA in ceramics and an MA in English Literature.  They have two children who are both attorneys and six grandchildren.  They are long time residents of Madisonville, Kentucky and members of Madisonville First United Methodist Church.

An interest in healing prayer first began when Rush attended a Cursillo over 30 years ago and one of the speakers told of his instantaneous healing of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  This interest did not move much from nominal belief in healing until several years ago when the Hunts attended a Francis MacNutt conference and then a year later in 2005 Randy Clark ignited their dormant faith into action.  The Hunts then became active in prayer ministry in their church and other area churches.  Several years later Cal Pierce’s words challenged the Hunts into this current ministry.  Cal was right; there appears to be no end to what God is doing!

Today there are thousands of prayer sessions a year across the state of Kentucky in which caring, compassionate, loving Christians (often with fear and trembling) stick out their praying hands and become a conduit for the love and power of God.  Lives are transformed, the sick are healed and the teams are doing what Jesus said in Luke 10:9 “Heal the sick who are there and tell them, the Kingdom of God is near you.”